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In Kiswahili, the whale shark is called “papa shillingi” translating as “shark covered in shillings.” There is a local legend that God was so pleased when he created this beautiful fish that he gave his angels handfuls of gold and silver coins to throw down from heaven onto its back. So it goes that whale sharks have their magical markings and swim near the surface catching the sun on their backs as a way of saying thank you to their Maker.
Other Kenyans on the coast call the Whale Shark "Papa Usingizi" which means sleeping Shark.

Its very common to see Whale Sharks at the Kenyan Coast. The season 2001/02 we saw 21 Whale Sharks, in the season  2003/2004 more than 30mal. The sizes where between  5 und 9 meters but the biggest Whale Shark reported was more than 12 meter.
Most of the Whale Sharks where at the surface or just near the surface. Many times we can go snorkelling with them.
The Giant of the sea is completely harmless and feeds only on small fish and plankton.
Most of their life Whale Sharks are in the open sea. Normally when they travel south to meet their partner they come closer to the coast. Most Whale Sharks at the Kenyan coast are female.
The season for Whale Sharks is between September and May.
During blooming of plankton in December and January we got the best chance to sight Whale Sharks.



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