Scuba Diving in Kenya

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The Dive Sites
Most of our dive sites are in the protected Mombasa Marine Park. We do always two tank dives at different dive sites. Our two diving boats can carry 10 / 12 double divers.
Water temperatures are between 24°C and 30°C

All diving courses at PADI
We can dive all year around. Best season is September till end of May. Visibility ranges between  15 Meter and 25 Meter

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Kenya Info (German only)
General info's about Kenya at this time in German only. (English coming soon)

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Map of dive sites and hotels
A map showing the diving centres of Peponi Divers, all hotels and all Peponi Divers dive sites.

PEPONI DIVERS do collect cloths, toys and other useful items which we take to Wa Salama. A care taker for homeless kids.

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The cliff at Bahari Beach Hotel

Bird view


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